Setting Account Lockout Rules

You can temporarily lock out accounts when users attempt to log on using an incorrect password. You can set the specified number of times within a specific period of time that a log on attempt can be made before the account is locked out. You can also set the lockout time.

When you set Enabled failed log in lockout, you can set the rules for how to handle an account if a password is invalid. User accounts are locked out according to the rules you specify in the following fields.

When this number is exceeded, the account status is changed to lockout.


The rules can be set up by COS or for individual accounts.

  1. Go to Configure>Class of Service or Manage>Accounts.

  2. Open the Advanced page and in the Failed Login Policy section check Enable failed login lockout.

  3. When this is checked, set the number of consecutive failed logins allowed. The default is 10.

  4. Set Time to lockout the Account to how long the account status should be Lockout.

  5. Set the Time window in which the failed logins must occur within to lock the account.  

  6. Click Save.